"Turn Resell Rights into VIRAL Marketing Machine. Brand Any Resell Rights Ebook or Software with your own Marketing Message, Product Offers, or Affiliate Links..."


From: Cody Moya

You know the one most important thing that has to happen for you to make money in an internet based business. You need to get traffic to your website. I can help you get more traffic and make more sales.

Don't feel bad.
If you are like most of us, it has happened to you. After spending tons of money on Resell Rights Ebooks and Software you still can't seem to make money reselling them. Don't worry. I used to feel the same way.

I was amazed at the massive profits that others were making from selling ebooks and software online. Yet, I couldn't understand why it wasn't working the same way for me.

Worse of all, I found that most of what I was trying to sell was not really sellable. I began to think of these ebooks and software as trash..and then, I realized that I had to find a way to turn that trash into gold.

Fact #1: The best selling Ebooks and Software are original and written by an author who provides a high level of utility and content in the ebook, which increases its readability and value.

Fact #2: The original author/developer of the hottest ebooks and software make most of the money from their products because they incorporate their backend product offers, software upgrades, and affiliate product promotions right into their ebook's content or software. They generate massive profits from the sale of their products.

Fact #3: The best time to sell your other product offerings is immediately after they have bought your ebook or software. The early bird catches the worm.

Cody, Product Brander is actually doing what it promises!

We have been testing different branders for our members and people following eCourses and reading our eBooks and those of others.

And what is even more important: you are actually giving replies immediately and helped us out right away.

Anyway, so we decided to use it ourselves and to recommend it to our hundreds of members and our friends in the home business and professional online world. And we will include it in our new free viral article on Viral Marketing.

This is by far the EASIEST way to get your name and other valuable info in front of all your contacts, even if it is a digital product from somebody else!

Dr. Tony de Bree MBA, CEO Go4estrategy



Yes, it cost me an arm and a leg to learn different sales techniques and it seems that everyone has their own style of work. So, I developed my own style which is working for me and my products.

My system has worked for me to the tune of bringing in $Thousands in sales in past months! No one can dispute the fact that it's working!

So what did I do? I developed a product that would allow me to brand any ebook or software with my own offers or links. As soon as people open my link or purchase the product, they IMMEDIATELY see my ad.

That means that people are seeing my stuff first and more often...and of course, more exposure equals more money. Who wouldn't want that?

I know that this is a great product and that could really generate a lot of money for other people, too. So, I decided to make it available...and now is your opportunity to get in on this profit generating wonder.

Yes, I could charge almost $200 for this software, but I am starting it out at $97...and FOR A LIMITED TIME, this product is yours for just $17 ($80 off the regular price). In the future, this price may go up...so, it's best that you get your copy of Product Brander now.

To me it's a no-brainer! 

Cody, I think your Product Brander is an awesome invention! You get bombarded with ads for brandable products these days, but what these programs do is add your affiliate links into the products.

What Product Brander does is you get to add an additional page to whatever program you choose, so you can alert people to your own website and products as well!

And the best part is: it's a dynamic page. So whenever you want to change the contents of your webpage add, all you have to do is upload a new page and everyone who has a product branded by you, will automatically see this new page next time they open their branded program!

Now that is a genious invention! It gives a whole new dimension to the viral marketing concept. Apart from this, I find your Product Brander ridiculously easy to use. For once a program that doesn't require a hotline to the help desk.

I will recommend your Product Brander to everyone. You simply must have this program if you're any bit serious about marketing yourself." 

Patricia Ritsema van Eck


With Product Brander, those old ebooks and software could bring you tons of money....even in your sleep.

Sound impossible?

I could not believe it either until I started using my Brander to brand all my old ebooks and software and the results have worked for me to the tune of bringing in over Thousands in sales in the past months! That's why I think it makes sense to take a closer look.

It makes perfect sense! What I finally came to realize one day, was that I didn't need to spend a fortune recreating "the wheel". I just needed a method to make money every time someone used "the wheel".

I've spent countless hours doing the research and have spent thousands of dollars so that YOU can make money from any ebook or software.

Introducing.. Product Brander!



There is a ton of money to be made online. All that you need is access to good products whether they are your own or someone else's. You could even give away ebooks or software and still make money.

How can you do this? With Product Brander, you can make money from selling the top products on the market.

Top Reasons Why You Must Try Today!


  • Increases Sales Many Times Over - Ask any marketing expert and they will tell you that your advertisements have to be seen first. You can increase your sales if your ad appears immediately after they buy your product. This will make the difference between success and failure in any business.


  • Maximum Results - Achieve maximum results in a shorter period of time. We all know that time is money and with Product Brander your products will work overtime to make you the profits that you want.


  • Simple To Use - Product Brander was designed to be very user friendly so that you spend more time making money and less time dealing with the technical part.


  • Brand any Ebook or Software in seconds - Product Brander lets you create your own brand within a matter of seconds. Call it what you want. Sell it how you want. Quickly and effectively market your own brand.


As you can clearly see, Product Brander can help you create a Viral Marketing Machine! If you want to generate AN AMAZING INCOME by reselling great products, you must have Product Brander.

I have done all the research and spent all the money, and now all the hard work is done. Simply follow the easy to follow instructions and you will be rebranding all the HOTTEST EBOOKS AND SOFTWARE in less then 3 seconds flat!


How does Product Brander work?

It is really very EASY TO USE.

  • Enter the name of the branded file.
  • Select the file to brand.
  • Select HTML/URL to open.
  • Set Width and Height of your ad.
  • Compile and save your new .exe file to a disk or your hard drive.


That's it! Like I said, it is really easy to use.

The amazing thing is the results that you will get by branding award-winning products with your own marketing massages.


Here is what you will receive when you
order Product Brander TODAY!

Product Brander Software - A 100% Fully Automated Ebook and Software Branding software with a fill-in the blank interface that works every time without fail.

Unlimited Brands - Yes, you will be able to use the software to create as many BRANDED MONEY MAKING EBOOKS as you want to. There is not limit as to how many you can create and best of all the software sits right on your desktop.



Here are some answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions that we have received!

Question #1

What makes Product Brander different from the other Brander software out there?

Answer: I have bought many of the other brander software out there...None of the software I bought had all of the features I needed...so I was forced to create my own Product Brander Software!

It's not a secret what I did. I already had an outline of all the features I wanted in my "Dream Product Brander Software". Now all I needed to do was put it all together.

I took my list of the features I wanted to see in an ebook branding software. I kept the good features and then got rid of the bad ones. I was left with the best Brander Software on the market.

Question #2

Can I brand ANY ebook or software?

Answer: Yes, you can! With Product Brander there is no limit on the ebooks or software that you can brand.

Product Brander brands any ebook or software with YOUR OWN products or special offers.

Product Brander brands any ebook or software with YOUR OWN sales letter.

Product Brander brands any ebook or software with YOUR OWN ezine or newsletter subscription information.

Product Brander brands any ebook or software with YOUR OWN help information that you have for use with your product.

There are NO LIMITS to WHAT EBOOK OR SOFTWARE that you can brand. With Product Brander, you can brand any ebook or software with YOUR OWN PRODUCTS.

Question #3

How can I generate Thousands ?

Answer: I knew you were going to ask this question. With Product Brander, it is completely possible for you to make EVEN MORE than that, but, of course I can't promise that your profit will be the exact same as mine..

Don't limit yourself to what I made. With YOUR BRANDED PRODUCTS being seen IMMEDIATELY after each sale, industry studies show that you will get more exposure and make more money.

You will actually lose potential customers if you don't use Product Brander. Don't settle for lose Profits, when you can make money.

Question #4

What exactly do you mean when you say "maximum exposure"?

Answer: Your ads will be appear first 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year online or offline whenever someone clicks on your file or url. That said, your products could potentially be seen by customers literally every second of the day...GREATER EXPOSURE MEANS GREATER PROFITS!

Question #5

With other products I was limited. Can I use any images with Product Brander?

Answer: Product Brander lets you use any images from local HTML files that are conveniently stored in a branded .exe file that CANNOT BE CHANGED OR DELETED. Other products don't offer this.

Who wants limits on what they can use? You know how you want to sell your stuff and with Product Brander you do it your way.

Question #6

Will customers really buy my products?

Answer: If you believe in your product, your customers will too. They follow your lead.

Product Brander lets you bring your products, your own way, to your target audience. That's how you make the sale.

Click here to order Product Brander now.

You are losing potential customers by waiting!

Question #7

Can my ad be removed by other Product Brander owners?

Answer: No. Even other Product Brander owners will not be able to remove your ad from a branded ebook or software.

Question #8

What if I want to change the ad content after I already branded and distributed an ebook?

Answer: You can choose to make DYNAMIC BRANDING by telling the program to how your webpage instead of a static HTML page so that when you change your add ALL BRANDED ebooks and software show your new change. This works like a billboard network and allows you to add new products or affiliate listing to your ebooks and software at anytime.

.Question #9

What happens when I choose DYNAMIC BRANDING and the reader opens the ebook from their desktop without being connected to the internet?

Answer: What your customers will see depends on whether this is a first run or if there is stored cache information. If the user runs the program for the very first time and there is no stored cache information, your default ad or local HTML page will show.

 I know Product Brander works. I used it and I made money...and so can you.

I know that some of you have limited internet access. Those other "so-called branders" don't take this into consideration and they give error messages, but with Product Brander I made sure that this wouldn't happen.

Product Brander works so wonderfully by displaying a cached page of your url even when YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS ARE NOT ONLINE. They open your page and they STILL SEE YOUR ADS not some error message.

Obviously, this can dramatically increase sales conversions, both online and off. I did the research and spent the money to make Product Brander surpass the others and translate into MORE SALES and MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for your great products.

Product Brander turns ANY resell rights products into a Profit Generating Machine. So simple and It WORKS... $Thousands of dollars can't be wrong.

Yes, Your Advertisements Will Appear With ANY Ebook, Ezine, Newsletter, Software Application, or Help Files That You Brand For Your Customers To Download

Every time someone downloads your branded ebook or software application, they will automatically see your chosen html file or url displayed so that your ad will appear in the very first screen of the ebook or software...EVERY TIME.



Special Introductory Offer: Order by midnight today and save $80 off the normal price, get everything for only $17!



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My 100% Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is Guaranteed! Our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, set in stone money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't 100% thrilled and satisfied with Product Brander, simply contact me within 30 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. What this means is that you can try Product Brander for 1 month-RISK FREE. Our confidence in this product allows us to make such a secure guarantee.

You have nothing to lose and the sky is the limit to what you can gain!


Don't you want to INCREASE YOUR PROFITS? Who wouldn't want to own a product that effortlessly makes them money 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day?

If you have read this far, you know you need that your business needs this product. Waiting to buy is costing you sales and profits. CLICK HERE

Here's my promise .. if Product Brander is not everything I have said and more, I will refund your money 100% without any questions asked. CLICK HERE

Keep doing what you're doing and you will surely get the same poor sales results that you have gotten. Or, get Product Brander and increase your sales tremendously without any extra effort. You choose.

There's nothing to lose with our 100% Money Back Guarantee, and the sky is the limit on your potential profit! I know it works...Thousands in past months can't be a mistake.

Buy Product Brander Now!

Here is what you do...Click the order button and buy Product Brander now so that you too, can start making the most out of all the great ebooks and software on the market.

I have decided to sell Product Brander for just $97. But for the limited time of the release I am offering you the Product Brander package at a half price discount.

So you don't have to pay 97, today you only pay $17.00

Here is how to get started...

YES Cody!
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I can't wait to get my hand on these great product.

I can't believe how much you are offering me today.

I know anyone would have to be flat out insane to pass on this deal.

Please make sure I get all bonuses with my purchase.

I Pay Only $17


To Your Success,

Cody Moya

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